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 Kanon this is one you will need tissues for

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PostSubject: Kanon this is one you will need tissues for   Fri Sep 11, 2009 5:10 pm

Yuichi Aizawa returns to this city after seven years. In his childhood, he often visited it, but something happend in the past which caused him to block out his memories of the events of seven years ago. On the day after he gets settled in, he meets a girl carrying a backpack with wings on it. Her name is Tsukimiya Ayu and he begins to recall the memories he had lost.

Subber: SS-Eclipse
Audio Language:Japanese
Subtitles:English softsubbed

Episode 1: NY49PPUX
Episode 2: H31PEK1R
Episode 3: TBX91P7H
Episode 4: CO15W9CG
Episode 5: WDRDP0PW
Episode 6: TBUVG0LD
Episode 7: 1MRBB7O8
Episode 8: HHJM6ZSM
Episode 9: YDT7NJWY
Episode 10: G2YM21G7
Episode 11: 1QWJVF07
Episode 12: ADSSX9J1
Episode 13: AERWO9SA
Episode 14: UXFKU72Q
Episode 15: 3WLKTYOC
Episode 16: 5HZ9GRML
Episode 17: 596WDTYP
Episode 18: JUNQ7Q7H
Episode 19: MG52XTK7
Episode 20: FGRYFUQZ
Episode 21: S8CBC2OT
Episode 22: XCR1W00H
Episode 23: KIJI344C
Episode 24: L1JP92DB
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Kanon this is one you will need tissues for
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